I wanted to share what products I currently use for a plastic free bathroom! When starting my zero waste journey, my bathroom was one of the first places I tackled and one of the easiest because all it required was switching brands and no lifestyle changes at all. All the images are linked to where you can find these products!

So here are my 2020 bathroom products:

1. Plaine Products and Package Free Shampoo & Conditioner

Plaine Products was a great introduction to the world of ecofriendly showering when I wasn't quite ready to take the jump to shampoo and conditioner bars. They offer two different scents and just one bottle lasts me months.

However, eventually I did make the jump with Package Free's shampoo and conditioner bars and didn't look back. I like to keep both on hand since the bars are now a travel necessity for me so I never have to worry about liquids on the plane.

2. Local Face & Body Bar Soap

Not sure why bar soap lost it's hype, but trust me when I say it deserves it back. Quality soap from the local farmers market not only smells amazing but foams even better than the gel. Plus I can find bars that work for both face and body with all natural ingredients.

3. Natural Loofah

I am very lucky to have a local loofah man in Knoxville who has made his way to up to kindest people I met, but these can easily be bought online and possibly at your local grocery or Whole Foods. It works as an exfoliant, but if you prefer something ofter there are natural sponges aswell.

4. Leaf Razor

I used a safety razor for awhile after I ditched plastic razors, but cuts and nicks were very common. After I accidentally left my razor in a hotel room, I decided to invest in a Leaf pivoting razor and not only is 100% aesthetics, but I'm yet to cut myself. The initial razor can be pricey, but blades are incredibly cheap.

5. Green Panda Bamboo Toothbrush

I'll start by saying I've used quite a few bamboo toothbrushes and the differences are minimal. The reason I use Green Panda is simply because its the only one I've found in brick and mortar stores so next time you're at Whole Foods, check them out.

6. David's Toothpaste

David's is another brand I started ordering online, but have managed to find in odd places with the last place being TJMaxx. All natural and made from aluminum rather than plastic. Every once in awhile TjMaxx and others stores will have a pretty big supply of eco products like this and the toothbrushes!

7. Homemade Mouthwash

I will preface this one by saying it is not for everyone and if you try this out and its not for you there are other options! Now the reason I say it's not for everyone is this homemade version has a strong baking soda flavor which doesn't bother me, but I can't speak for you. The good thing is it's easy to make and easy to try! If it's not your thing, try BITE.

8. Dental Lace Floss

Not sure why, but floss was one of my first swaps on my zero waste journey. I stubbled on Dental Lace on accident and fell in love with their story and have been a supporter since then. 100% compostable with a vegan (bamboo) option and nonvegan (silk) option.

9. Tongue Scraper

This is definitely optional, but it's in my bathroom so though it was worth mentioning.

10. Facial Oil

I am very lucky to naturally have clear skin so I am not one to go to for skincare recommendations, but adding facial oil has improved my skin! Because I don't have to be picky on this I find one in a glass bottle from TjMaxx and roll with it, but there are tons of options for all skin types and there are many others who will recommend natural options based on what you need.

11. Dermae Face Lotion

Dermae is not a fully zero waste company, however most of the face lotions/creams come in glass packaging and can be found in stores like Whole Foods. They have a ton of options based on what works best with your skin.

12. Raw Elements Face & Body Sunscreen

There are tons of reasons you should be protecting your face from the sun daily, but sunscreens can feel sticky and break you out, but I'm convinced this one has made my skin better. They even offer a tinted moustiezer for those looking for a little coverage.

13. Schmidt's Deodorant

Schmidt's is another company that is not fully zero waste, but does have a wonderful (rarely promoted) zero waste deodorant. I have tried a lot of deodorant options, and have not like a lot of them and this is hands down the best I've ever used and another product sold in Whole Foods!

14. Roll on Essential Oils

There are tons of places to buy roll on essential oils, but my favorite way to do it is to do it yourself. All you need is a roller, essential oil, and some sort of carrier oil, like jojoba oil, and you can customize your own perfume. My favorites and lavender or citrus and mint depending on if I need to calm down or get up.

There you have it, 14 items and a lasting impact on the planet!


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