"Anxious Grey" is a video created for my art 102 class at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. If you've already watched the video, it probably makes no sense. "Anxious Grey" is an experimental video created through a select set of steps to produce something original and new.

To begin I was assigned to "rip" 10 videos off the internet that had motion. I used a combination of videos I had never seen and a couple from people I know, both being dance teachers from Ann Carroll School of Dance. Ripping videos is essentially taking a portion of a video and in this case with no sound. When assigned this I had no instruction on what I would be doing with the videos.

Next I was told to record prepositions with another student in my class. Word like around, under, over, ect. I again was not told how these videos would be used. After recording I was finally told who to combine my ripped footage and recorded footage. I was instructed to find movement in the videos that matched to make them flow together. This would go back and forth between ripped and recorded videos. I then created a very rough cut of this which was around 5 minutes long.

After my rough cut was finished I was assigned a random adjective and color. Mine were anxious and grey which resulted in the name of my video "Anxious Grey". I was told to them implement these words into my video however I pleased while editing my final cut which you see here. This project was designed to open up new ideas into video art as well as explore editing software.

Overall, I am very pleased with how my experimental video turned out. I think the process resulted in a video making very little sense conceptually, but is still cohesive. It allowed me to better understand movement in video whether that be movement of the subject or the camera. Though the lack of sound is slightly uncomfortable, I do feel it adds to the oddness of the video itself. I hope you all enjoy my experimental work!


Barbara Januszkiewicz 

"Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change."

Pablo Picasso

"The chief enemy of creativity is 'good' sense."


Yo-Yo Ma

"Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you're passionate about something, then you're more willing to take risks."